About Us

Amerlink focuses its activities on finding and developing of business opportunities  between Peru and other countries.
Due to the continuous economic growth of Latin American countries in the last few decades, European countries have shown considerable interest in doing business with  Peruvian companies which can be shown by, among other things, the increasing trade flow between the regions.

Therefore, the objective of Amerlink is to facilitate companies interested in expanding their scope of activities by providing them with the high quality services needed to successfully enter new markets. Amerlink uses its wide network of contacts and strategic alliances with the most important entities in the country to achieve this goal.
Within the framework of our activities we also cooperate with the Honorary Consulate of the Czech Republic in Lima which promotes the development of commercial relations with the Peruvian business sector as well as other countries in the region. Likewise, as a member of the Board, Amerlink works closely with the Peruvian Nordic Chamber of Commerce supporting the Nordic companies in Perú as well as helping Peruvian entrepreneurs to enter Nordic markets.